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By Drey Posted in Rime & prose on 14 février 2020 18 Comments 1 min read
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You place your hands on my mind
Spirit to spirit
A thought for a thought
Your brain fucking mine
Before reaching for my waist
Hips and lips

You gave me my names
They sound so good
Kissing your tongue
A trace of the perfect circle

The tips of your fingers
Drawing faint lines
Between my black and white strips
You see true

Sometimes we struggle so deeply
The toxin in our mouth
Burning holes in our vows
But always I hear you
Even when you do not speak

Have you ever given up your wings
To appear more human ?
Have you ever felt so raw
Like your core was worn out ?
Have you ever been so lost
As to write your every thought?
Shut up, cause’ I know

We deserve to be
Completely found
In this spinning reality
Not lost within
A living sea of waking dreams

It was like the world was still
As for that hopeful tide
We missed the ride
I was numb, even blind
But I am still learning
As your eyes pore into mine
How to love you the best

Only my dearest Djinn
Is strange enough to match my moves
We are the creator of our spells
They rise and dance as rounds of smoke
Let’s not forget our Verse again

Thus, straight and tall I stand;
Bare skin and open arms
Nothing but honesty
And passion remains
Will you ride with me again ?

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